Issues that Matter to the 98th District

Protecting Taxpayers

Dave is a proven fiscal conservative and a strong voice for controlling spending instead of increasing taxes on working families. Thanks to his hard work, Pennsylvania is back on strong financial footing, investing in our Rainy Day Fund again, and increasing funding for priorities like education, school safety and job creation – without taking more from hardworking families and retired seniors. Dave is also continuing the fight to help property taxpayers. He made it harder than ever before for school districts to raise taxes, supported vital public pension reforms that will save billions of dollars, and supports (and has voted for) property tax elimination.

Education That Equals Success

As a member of the House Education Committee, Dave is working hard to make sure that every Pennsylvanian has the opportunity for an education that prepares them for success in life. He has helped deliver record state funding to Pennsylvania’s schools while also reducing reliance on standardized testing, providing for greater educational choice and opportunity, and working to increase local control in educational decision making. Dave also supports vocational education and community colleges as an affordable way for Pennsylvanians to gain needed skills at an affordable cost.

More Jobs & A Stronger Economy

Dave has been a leader in the effort to make Pennsylvania a more attractive and welcoming place for small businesses, entrepreneurs and other employers to settle and grow – because when we do that, we create good-paying jobs for our families. He has supported commonsense initiatives – tax and regulatory reform, manufacturing credits, capital for emerging industries, support of agriculture and agri-businesses, and more – that are driving new job and economic growth that is helping all of us.

Keeping Our Families Safe

Dave was a strong advocate for providing funding for school safety programs that give local school districts the flexibility to implement the safety measures that work best for their schools and communities. He also voted for legislation that is helping to address the opioid epidemic hurting our families and communities by focusing on addiction treatment and efforts that prevent over-prescribing of opioids. Dave also continues to work cooperatively with local and state law enforcement and ensure they have they resources needed to do their job.

Leading On Reform

Dave has long been a leader in the effort to make state government more open and transparent – and to save taxpayers money. Since his very first day in office, Dave has stood by his “5 Point Integrity Pledge” – voting against any legislative pay raises, refusing costly perks (cars, per diems, trips), making legislators pay for a portion of their healthcare, voting to reduce the size of the legislature, and supporting initiatives to increase transparency. In fact, Dave voted to create on-line databases of state and school spending, voluntarily posts his office expenses on-line, and supported new rules that allow for more public review and comment of legislation before it is voted upon. Dave also voted to reduce the size of the state legislature, and supports commonsense and fair redistricting reform.

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